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The healthiest diets you will ever love!

My smart meals are delicious, easy to prepare food combinations chosen based on maximum nutrient density to give fast, long-term results. These diets are the best way to lose weight, not just the latest fad that won’t stick. As always, I use cutting edge science to create all of my diets. The calories are low enough to cause ongoing fat loss, but are also filled with nutrients that will progressively enhance your metabolism and satisfy you. I have done all the research, and you get all the results!

20/20 Meal Plan

Lean out with my healthy high protein diet! My Paleo diet plan is not as strict, but just as effective! It will reset your metabolism and make you lean! Excess fatty areas will melt away as you enjoy delicious whole foods that your body was made for.

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Keto Fasting Meal Plan

Get the best of both worlds with my Keto/Intermittent Fasting diet. Get ready to experience mental clarity, suppressed appetite, decreased cravings, weight loss, skin improvement, and a stop to your sugar addictions! By combining Keto principles with easy-to-follow Intermittent Fasting guidelines, you will not only see the pounds drop on the scale, but you will also see the difference in the mirror.

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10 Day Detox Meal Plan

Detox doesn’t mean deprivation! With this delicious 10-day superfoods detox plan, you'll not only lose toxins, but you'll drop pounds and feel more energized all day long! This diet includes all my favorite superfoods: the ones that are the very best for encouraging fat loss, increasing energy, recharging your metabolism, improving serotonin levels in the brain, and satisfying cravings.

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Lifetime Meal Plan

Super easy to prepare and totally delicious! Pulled right from my kitchen, these are tried and true go-to meals that I know will always keep me thin and healthy. Take the worry out of your food planning and know that by following these meals, you are always making the right choice!

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Good Mood Meal Plan

In this fast-paced world, all of us sometimes struggle to keep up. Anxiety, depression and sleeplessness have become a common issue for most people. I wrote this diet for myself, because I know that the right food in the right combinations can greatly improve brain chemistry! I used elements of the Mediteranean diet, amplified with certain foods known to increase serotonin, dopamine and epinephrine. Let nature be your doctor and stop having bad days!

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Beauty Meal Plan

What if I told you I have found the perfect meals for not only helping you lose weight and maintain muscle, but also substantially boosting collagen production, decreasing wrinkles age spots, and blasting cellulite? Try my fabulous collagen, biotin, omega-3, and vitamin-rich diet for powerful results. It’s time to turn back the clock!

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