My diets do more for you than just drop pounds. I have only chosen foods with high nutrient values to sustain your energy throughout the day and make you look and feel great from the inside out!


I’ll give you powerful tools to reframe your thoughts and build healthy self-esteem. Download hypnotherapy to help you tackle life’s biggest obstacles.


My Perfect Proportion Training maximizes the things you want and minimizes the things you don’t! Give me 20 minutes, 3 times a week and I’ll give you the best body you’ve ever had.


I’ve partnered with one of the most well-respected physicians, Dr. Katrina Babcock to bring you the most science-based, cutting edge supplements. You can only buy these with a doctor’s license, but I’m making them available and affordable for you!

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About Jackie Warner

If you have followed my fitness and diet principles through the years, than you know that I am much more than a fitness and wellness expert. I have owned 2 world-class gyms, trained countless celebrities, and partnered with many doctors and researchers so that I can offer THE most advanced diets and exercise programs in the industry. I provide preventative care through nutrition, physical exercise and medical grade supplementation. I’ve created five #1 DVDs, two NY Times Best-sellers, and two successful reality TV shows on Bravo. Over the years, I have shared my philosophies on radio, television, and all over the world – making me the highest-contributing fitness expert. I have helped thousands of people not only lose weight and strengthen their bodies, but strengthen their mind, will, and emotions. Now, I am so excited to share with you what I believe is the full culmination of all my years of work. You will get the most fun, cutting edge workouts, effective hypnotherapy to retrain your brain, the highest-grade pharmaceutical supplements, and a multitude of the best diets out there, done MY way. Step into my world and let me be your personal trainer.

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