Your health and wellness transformation begins today!

Get Ready – It’s Time!

I have worked with every body type, weight and shape and understand all of the challenges many people go through trying to lose weight and gain strength.  Especially over the page of 30 or post baby.  I will coach you on your diet and supplements as well as train you live.  All of my online clients have achieved the body they have always wanted.  Lets start the process with your one-one-one personal live training sessions with me and finally achieve your goals!

Train with me in LIVE to finally change your body and your life!

  1. Are you fed up with obsessing about weight and your looks?
  2. Are you constantly taking one healthy step forward only to eventually take steps backward into self-sabotage and defeat?
  3. Are you confused as to what the best ways of eating and working out are for your specific body and needs?

The advantages of working out with a knowledgeable and successful trainer:

1. Gives you motivation
2. Helps you avoid plateauing.
3. Makes you accountable.
4. Pushes you harder than you can push yourself.
5. Has all the newest science on everything fitness and food.

About Jackie

I am a small town girl that was raised on processed food and sugar. By my early 20’s, I was overweight, depressed, overstressed and not sleeping. While trying to find my own cure for being tired and miserable, I embarked on a life-changing journey that led to me getting certified as a personal trainer and owner of two World-class gyms in Beverly Hills. I have been changing thousands of lives since then and I am still very passionate about training.

Jackie’s Method

My “Power Circuit Training Method that combines free weights and body resistance with cardio acceleration (bursts of high intensity movements designed to burn the most calories per session.   Studies show that my method of training is hands down the best and that you will continuously burn more fat for up to 13 hours after our session.

Jackie’s Diets

I will discuss what works for your lifestyle such as do you like to cook or do you microwave?  I will find the perfect diet that is tailored just for you!