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Bikini Body Summer Shred Breakdown
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*THE WORKOUT This workout focuses on butt, abs and shoulders to give you the ULTIMATE Bikini body ALL YEAR ROUND! I designed this workout to give you an hourglass figure, from the beach to the bedroom. Lets not forget about men! Guys you will get that v-taper that’s proven to be more attractive.

*THE DIET Detox doesn’t mean deprivation! With my delicious 10-day superfoods detox plan, you’ll not only lose toxins, but you’ll drop pounds and feel more energized all day long! These are recipes you will want to use all year round!

*THE BOOK Learn how your mind can change your body. This book will give you clear, definitive answers about how to control your mind, emotions, and willpower. Get thin by thinking thin! Attract health and fitness. Move in the directions of your goals. Visualize your perfect body into being. Learn to take action from the “Pleasure Principle”. You have power you never dreamed of, and now you have the tools to tap into it!

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