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20/20 Accelerated Weight Loss Program

Do what I do at the gym – this is my personal workout! An 20-minute accelerated training program with easy moves to make you lose! You only need 3 days a week for 20 days to get results! This power-circuit training method is designed to whip your body into amazing shape in 20 days. Designed for maximum weight-loss in minimum time! Click here, to join now!

MMA Beginner Workout Program

You don’t have to be an MMA fighter to enjoy the benefits of MMA. I LOVE MMA TRAINING! My training video is as much fun as you’ll ever have doing an MMA workout. MMA is all about core-strength…every exercise you do is strengthening your core ‘til it feels like iron! MMA training also builds confidence more than any other workout. Give it a try and find out why its so popular! Click here, to join now!

Bikini Breakdown Summer Shred Workout Program

This is the workout that will give you the ULTIMATE Bikini body ALL YEAR ROUND! I’ve put together a workout designed to give you that hourglass figure, from the beach to the bedroom. Click here, to join now!

Master The Gym Workout Program

Learn how to use all the right equipment at the gym. This first series covers every major muscle group that you need to work and shows you exactly how. Don’t be intimidated at the gym anymore. Take me in your pocket and I’ll show you the ropes! Click here, to join now!

Body Resistance 1 & 2 Workout Program

Full Body-Resistance Warrior Workout. This is the best no-weights workout you will ever try! Taking fitness to the next level! Want a thick cross-fit body? Or do you want to be lean, streamlined, and athletic? Let me show you how to become the leanest and meanest YOU ever! Click here, to join now!