Your health and wellness transformation begins today!


What’s Included:
*THE WORKOUT  This workout focuses on butt, abs and shoulders to give you the ULTIMATE Bikini body ALL YEAR ROUND! I designed this workout to give you an hourglass figure, from the beach to the bedroom.  Lets not forget about men!  Guys you will get that v-taper that’s proven to be more attractive.


*THE DIET  Detox doesn’t mean deprivation! With my delicious 10-day superfoods detox plan, you’ll not only lose toxins, but you’ll drop pounds and feel more energized all day long!   These are recipes you will want to use all year round!


*THE BOOK  With the META PHYSIQUES HANDBOOK learn how your mind can change your body. This book will give you clear, definitive answers about how to control your mind, emotions, and willpower. Get thin by thinking thin! Attract health and fitness. Move in the directions of your goals. Visualize your perfect body into being. Learn to take action from the “Pleasure Principle”.  You have power you never dreamed of, and now you have the tools to tap into it!


What’s Included:
*THE WORKOUT   Give me 20 minutes and I’ll give you a strong, healthy body!   Do what I do at the gym – this is my personal workout. A 20-minute easy to learn home training program that utilizes basic bodybuilding principals to completely reshape your body!  This power-circuit training method is designed to whip your body into amazing shape in 20 days.


*THE DIET 20 days of meals that you will use for a lifetime!  Lean out with my healthy high protein diet! My Paleo diet plan is not as strict, but just as effective! It will reset your metabolism and make you lean! Excess fatty areas will melt away as you enjoy delicious high protein meals that your body was made for.


*THE BOOK   This ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS HANDBOOK has tremendous tips and tricks to get the most out of your weight-loss journey; label-reading made easy, healthy grocery shopping, how to eat out at restaurants, how to kill cravings instantly and most importantly how to stick with it for a lifetime!


What’s Included:
*THE WORKOUT   Full Body-Resistance training.  Work your entire body with each exercise cutting time and cutting weight.  No WEIGHTS, No TIME, Big IMPACT!  I guarantee this is the best body resistance you will ever try! Want a thick cross-fit body or do you want to be lean, streamlined, and athletic? Let me show you how to have the best body ever!


*THE DIET   Get the best of both worlds with my Keto/Intermittent Fasting diet. Get ready to experience mental clarity, suppressed appetite, decreased cravings, weight loss, skin improvement, and a stop to your sugar addictions! I combined Keto principles with easy-to-follow intermittent fasting guidelines that together will make you look and feel like a million bucks!


*THE BOOK   With HOW TO MASTER THE GYM finally feel confident and comfortable at the gym! Learn how to use your shape to your advantage and what equipment you should focus on and what equipment you should ignore.  I give you several cardio routines for everything from the elliptical to the stairclimber.  Learn the etiquette, tips, and tricks of the gym so you always know what you’re doing and get the results you want! Discover that its not how long, its how strong!


What’s Included:
*THE WORKOUT   The ultimate in high intensity interval training (HIIT) designed to make you sweat in a short amount of time!  Burn fat up to 13 hours post workout.   Get that healthy glow back that comes from this 20 minutes long, detoxifying workout.


*THE DIET   The Beauty Diet.  What if I told you I have found the perfect meals for not only helping you lose weight and maintaining muscle, but also substantially boosting collagen production, decreasing wrinkles and age spots and blasting cellulite? Try my fabulous collagen, biotin, omega-3, and vitamin-rich diet for powerful results. It’s time to turn back the clock!


*THE BOOK   This ULTIMATE WEIGHT LOSS HANDBOOK is super easy to follow and will give you a lifetime of tips and tricks on how to win the weight loss game!  I’ve taken the best content of all three of my books and rolled it into a smart, concise E-book.  Learn all of the top trainers’ secrets for getting you that body you’ve always wanted!


What’s Included:
*THE WORKOUT Learn how to use all the right equipment at the gym. This first series covers every major muscle group that you need to work and shows you exactly how. Don’t be intimidated at the gym anymore. I’ve created easy to follow GIFS to make it mobile friendly. Take me in your pocket and I’ll show you the ropes!


*THE DIET LIFETIME DIET PLAN. Super easy to prepare and totally delicious! Pulled right from my kitchen, these are tried and true go-to meals that I know will always keep you thin and healthy for a lifetime. Take the worry out of your food planning and know that by following these meals, you are always making the right choice!


*THE BOOK   With HOW TO MASTER THE GYM, Make the gym a fun, productive place!  Finally feel confident and comfortable at the gym! Learn how to use your shape to your advantage, all about cardio, and what equipment you should focus on and ignore. Learn the etiquette, tips, and tricks of the gym so you always know what you’re doing and get the results you want! Discover that its not how long, its how strong!


What’s Included:
*THE WORKOUT  MMA Beginner.  (Requires a stair step or heavy bag).  Train like the fighters do when preparing for a fight.  This no boxing, core-blasting workout is fast –paced and fun.   I pulled my favorite MMA style of training methods together for one action packed series.


*THE DIET   Good Mood Diet Plan.  Improve your mood while you lose weight! In this fast-paced world, all of us sometimes struggle to keep up. Anxiety, depression and sleeplessness have become a common issue for most people. The right food in the right combinations can greatly improve brain chemistry! I used elements of the Mediterranean diet, amplified with certain foods known to increase serotonin, dopamine and epinephrine. Let nature be your doctor and stop having bad days!


*THE BOOK With my META PHYSIQUES HANDBOOK, learn how to apply “The Secret” to your body, happiness and health.  These easy to follow metaphysical principals will help you win the Brain Game once and for all!  Negative thoughts that hold you back can easily be transformed to positive thoughts if you know these simple tricks.  Learn how to properly set goals and refine your positive energy!