Your health and wellness transformation begins today!

Re-train your brain!

Free your mind from negative conditioning. I’ll give you powerful tools to reframe your thoughts and build healthy self esteem. Re-CREATE yourself and ignite your inner fire. Use metaphysical techniques to change your thought processes about yourself and others around you. You must change the focus from being FAT to being FIT. If you learn to think healthy, it will eventually become your reality!

Better health begins with your mind. I’ve worked extensively with a prominent Hypnotherapist and now I want to pass the benefits along to you.  These sessions are designed to help you tackle some of life’s biggest obstacles, including weight-loss.  I’ll empower you along the journey to reach your goals.

Metaphysiques Handbook

Learn how your mind will change your body. This book will give you clear, definitive answers about how to control your mind, emotions, and willpower. Get thin by thinking thin! Attract health and fitness. Move in the directions of your goals. Visualize your perfect body into being. Take action to have what you really want and learn the power of the pleasure principle. You have power you never dreamed of, and now you have the tools to tap into it!*

Weight Loss Handbook

This handbook is full of a lifetime of learning from me! In this e-book, learn about the benefits of eating organic, label-reading made easy, healthy grocery shopping, how to eat out at restaurants, how to kill cravings instantly and most importantly how to stick with it for a lifetime! “You’ve been asking for it, I have been hard at work, Here’s my new ebook: You will get so much from this 20/20 program, I promise you. I know, because I pulled this workout program from my personal journal, and stayed on this very diet for 30 days.*

How to Master the Gym

Finally feel confident and comfortable at the gym! Learn how to use your shape to your advantage, all about cardio, and what equipment you should focus on and ignore. Learn the etiquette, tips, and tricks of the gym so you always know what you’re doing and get the results you want! Discover that its not how long, its how strong!*

**The very best content from all my best-selling books.

Weight Loss Guided Meditation

Releasing Stress Guided Meditation

Relaxation Guided Meditation

New Job Guided Meditation