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Atititude Is Everything

For those who have never worked out, or, are what I like to call exercise relapsers, getting started can be daunting. A lot of people either lack the incentive to work out, or if they are working out regularly, they find themselves getting bored and in a rut. This is usually not about laziness. For many, it simply boils down to recognizing the problem, having the right attitude about fitness, and changing their approach to exercise.  
Below are some easy tips to get you (or the couch potato in your life) inspired to change your mindset and get into the gym!  
Make workouts fun. Don’t force yourself to do a type of training you hate (like the treadmill for instance). Look for classes or trainers that teach something you’ve always wanted to try like boxing or dance.  
Set athletic goals. Instead of focusing on weight loss, focus on running a 10k or biking for a charity. Clients respond much better when they have goals to work towards.  
Don’t be intimidated. Stop worrying about how you look at the gym. The most important person is you and nothing should stop your healthy goals. 
Make friends at the gym. It’s important to have a social support system. You will be more motivated if you have a supportive group working out with you towards a common goal. 
Change it up. Avoid a rut by changing your routine once a month.  
Make an appointment. Being accountable to a trainer or a class will keep you on track. Most people hire trainers for that accountability knowing that they need extra motivation to show.  
Train with a friend or partner. This adds an element of competition which is motivating and makes your training time more fun.  
Pay up front. Financial commitment will keep you on point. No one wants to throw money away, so even at times you don’t want to work out, knowing it’s already paid for will keep you on point.  
Have patience. Change comes from making your workouts a consistent part of your life for 6-8 weeks. Don’t expect miracles. Focus on how healthy you feel and all the great brain chemistry rather than pounds lost.  
Bring music. Always bring upbeat music and change your selections frequently as to not get bored. I get excited to go to the gym when I have a new playlist.  
Keep a training log. Write down your routines and put smiley faces next to the ones where you felt sore. The goal is to feel a little sore after working each muscle group to show you that you are working with intensity.