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The Method

Since then, I’ve modified and refined my Perfect Proportion Training Method based on more years of experience and data from the most cutting-edge researchers working with me. After all the heavy research, I test every component of a program on men and women of all backgrounds and with different goal weights, as well as with my celebrity clients, to get real-life results. I then tweak accordingly. That’s the careful process that goes into all of my work.  

The result is that now I can give you nutrient-rich, easy-to-follow programs that your body will love and that you will commit to for a life-time. It helps you take off extra weight, and lets you continue to lose weight, burn fat, and tone your body.   

You will change your body chemistry, change your genes, change your body’s set point and change your relationship with food and yourself!  

I have honed my fast and effective diets and workouts through the years because there was such a demand from my clients. Some of my personal clients and members of my world-renowned gyms who have benefitted from these program and other Jackie Warner programs include: Julia Roberts, Paul McCartney, Heather Mills, Anne Hathaway, Alanis Morisette, Eve, Kathy Griffin, Maria Shriver, America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn, Amanda Peet, Giuliana Rancic, Kerry Washington, James Van Der Beek, Adam Goldberg, Hal Sparks, Jody Watley, and Nia Vardolos.  

Celebrities are unique because losing weight post-baby or getting red-carpet-ready becomes a national media event. They typically call me and say, “I have two weeks to get into my gown for the Oscars” or “I have to show my half-naked body for my upcoming movie.” No pressure there! That’s why my celebrity clients love my programs: because they always need to get their bodies in shape in a short amount of time! 

My programs offer detailed plans, workouts, diets and tools! From meals to exercise sessions, you won’t need to think about what to do to succeed! Just follow my plans exactly as they are. With me, you’re setting yourself on the path toward living the fittest, happiest, and healthiest life possible.  

 I promise you’ll see yourself and the world differently.