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Katrina Spears Babcock D.O. M.S.,

I am an osteopathic physician and a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation.   I am also Jackie Warner’s personal physician and colleague.

The specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation concentrates on optimizing the patient’s own chemistry and physiology.  In PM&R, as it is usually called, every aspect of a person is assessed to create the best functional outcome for them.  My focus is to treat the whole patient. This means I address a patient’s psychological well-being as well as their physical and emotional well-being.

I have a four year Bachelor of Science and General Chemistry, a four year Master of Science degree in Physical Chemistry, as well as a four year Residency in a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation College.

After residency, I worked as a general Physiatrist at a hospital.  I was the primary care physician for spinal cord injury and brain injury patients.  This work was very rewarding and it impressed on me the resilience of the human mind and body. I now specialize in care that maximizes the human mind and body’s potential to heal itself.

After my post graduate years, I moved to Los Angeles and joined an orthopedic group for 6 years, until I started my own practice.  I am currently the Owner and Primary Physician of Rehab Wellness Health Center in West Hollywood, CA and in Thousand Oaks, CA where I provide nutritional, weight-loss support, and preventative care.