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The Healthy Traveler

Vacations cause people to develop funny attitudes about health and fitness. Before going on vacation, we will do whatever it takes to look great in that bathing suit. But why, when we finally get there…when the bathing suit fits just right…when the cocktail dress flows perfectly over the hips…when the sport coat is finally now fitted and tailor-made…why do we let it all go with 3 simple words, “I’m on vacation!” You can enjoy your vacation without compromising all the hard work you did to get there. It’s really pretty easy. Incorporating elements like increasing the intensity of basic, fun activities in order to achieve a higher caloric burn rate, to enjoying all the local foods while still maintaining your waistline, will make a difference. Here’s how I vacation.

➢ My low-fat trip starts at the airport. I always bring my own healthy lunch or find oatmeal at Starbucks or protein bars and healthy nuts in magazine stores. People don’t realize it, but airline meals can contain more than 1000 calories a pop.

➢ When you get to the beach, avoid being sedentary. Take walks, snorkel or bodysurf. The sun is a natural thermogenic. That, combined with physical activity, will keep you in fat-burning mode.

➢ Decide which meal is most important for you to eat out, and pack the rest. As soon as I can, I head to the grocery store when vacationing. I get apples, preparations for sandwiches and low calorie snacks. Dinner is the meal for which I usually like to dine out. So, I make my own low-calorie, high-energy lunches.

➢ Stay Busy. Make sure you plan fun activities for most days. Rent a Waverunner, go on a beautiful hike, snorkel or take a diving trip.

➢ Try and find a hotel with a gym so you can get in a couple of runs or workouts before starting your day.

➢ Avoid the minibar. When you check in, do not get a key. It’s just too tempting to have all that candy, chips and alcohol at your fingertips.

➢ Choose favorite vacation foods wisely. Decide what is most important and choose accordingly. If you want wine with dinner, hold the bread. Order dessert but split it with a companion. Seek out foods you really love and skip those you don’t.

➢ Order the right kind of alcohol. A couple of margaritas or mojitos can have up to 850 calories each. It’s not worth it. Pick alcohol that is lower in calories like wine, a vodka soda, or Patron Silver over ice. Follow these tips, and you’ll be looking as great as you did when you left or even better!

Happy travels!