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Stick To The Basics

I love what I do because it allows me to help change people’s lives. Seeing someone physically and emotionally transform into the person they were meant to be, is truly inspiring. Ask any person that’s successfully changed their body through fitness and diet how great they feel, and you’ll know what I mean. ☺

So much of adopting a healthy lifestyle is about keeping things simple. Whether you love the gym or are a reluctant dieter, here are a few basic tips that will help you stick with your program:

#1 Keep a training log-Know your routine before you start exercising so that you can track your progress. Incorporate more weight resistance into your workout when your body stops responding. Put a smiley face next to the days that you felt sore. Muscle soreness means muscle tone, and therefore, a great workout. You’ll want to repeat a workout that’s working.

#2 Always exercise to intensity. If you are lifting weights and can perform more than 15 repetitions in any set, you need to increase the amount of the weight. I like to work one muscle group with weights than use my body resistance to work the same muscle. For example, if you are performing chest presses, do as many as you can, and then drop to the ground and do push-ups to failure. Because the chest has already been fatigued, you may only be able to do 8 to 10 push-ups. That’s okay! Just do them.

#3 Don’t let your body get to a plateau. It takes 4 weeks for the body to adjust to a cardio or weight lifting program. You must either increase weights, intensity or variations to continue to tone and lose fat. This is the time to mix it up. Combine your exercises in a new way while increasing weights, adding in new exercises, and more sets, moving rapidly between one another.

#4 Get more burn for your buck. Choose Circuit Training. My power circuit training format is designed to give you Perfect Proportion! This format combines several exercises completed one after the other with very little rest. Because many muscles are engaged, more toning occurs and more calories are burned. It is the best way to burn calories in the fastest time. Standard weight lifting burns 200-250 calories per hour while power circuit training using my methods burns up to 700 calories per hour. And more importantly, your body keeps burning for 13 hours after my workouts!

#5 Plyo magic! Try adding plyometrics (explosive movement) at the end of each set. To illustrate, if you just performed 15 leg presses, follow that with 10 squat jumps. If you just finished chest presses, follow them up with clapping push-ups where the hands leave the ground. Even if you have to drop to your knees to do a push-up, you can incorporate an explosive clap.

#6 The secret of the six pack. Body fat levels, not crunches, dictate your ability to see your abs. A low sugar diet, not a low fat diet is the way to go. Cut back on white breads, pasta and rice if you want to see those abs.

#7 Get a great personal trainer! Let me be your personal trainer! I will inspire you and get you the best results! Download my workouts – I will change your life!


Here’s to your best body!