Your health and wellness transformation begins today!

Get the Mindset of an Athlete

Exercise is the one thing that once you’ve done it, you never regret it. How you handle a workout session is very similar to how you should handle your life. As in life, you need to see a goal (rep or set) and see it through to the end. You know there will be some pain, but you push through because the result is growth (muscle tone). And the hard work always pas off with a reward (body change).

Believe You Can Do It

The first step to achieving that is believing that you can do these workouts. Never say “I’ll try” – just do! I don’t let any of my clients get away with passive or noncommittal talk in the gym. Your workouts will connect you to your body even more than sex does. It is your time to envision your body as the beautiful machine that it is. Instead of focusing on being fat, focus on being fit. If you think healthy, it eventually becomes reality for you. There is nothing sexier than feeling strong and carrying yourself with strength.

Stay Focused On Results

Focus on how strong you’re getting, how well you’re sleeping, and how happy you’re feeling. Choosing to focus on thoughts that feel good, and are positive, is a sure way to create the body you want. The by-product is beauty. Do not “hope to”, but assume you will lose weight. Great things come to those who work for a goal and assume the outcome will be in their favor. You’ll be sending out the right energy, and its energy that creates your new reality. Change your mind and your body will follow.

My weight-training and cardio routines are always challenging, and workouts should change as you do. There will always be a point in your training when your growth is basically going to stop unless you’re really changing up the components of your program. That way, you’ll be constantly challenged to burn fat and calories, tone and strengthen. After all, your goal is not only to lose weight, but to find strength!

Thrive On More Energy

Exercise is energy-giving. You won’t want to sit on your butt when you feel so instantly great after your workouts. My workouts are so kick-ass and effective that your body has no choice but to be lean and beautiful. I pulled the exercises and combos right from my personal training log, and you’ve seen what they’ve done for me. The workouts I’ve created for you are plateau-busting routines that force your body to continuously burn fat while putting on lean muscle. The only way to change your genetic shape is through resistance training. You’re about to learn how to train exactly how I do!

Now if you’ve seen me train people in the past, you know two things: You’ll need to give an all-out intense effort and push beyond your perceived physical limits, and because of that, you’ll get real, inspirational results.