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Don’t just listen to music, make it!

I am excited to share my art and music with you. I truly believe that in order to be a whole and healthy person, you must nurture your creativity.

From childhood through art school, I have always loved how an artist can express themselves emotionally and visually, sharing an experience with the viewer. My paintings are done in oil and acrylic and the subject matter is always personal and thought provoking. My paintings can be bought affordably as a print in any size.

I am passionate about music and create songs that lyrically express how I feel. My music always begins as a poem and then I set the melody to piano and guitar, before going into the studio and producing the final song. There I add heavy electronic elements that are a great soundtrack for workouts. Anyone can create music on their computer, its such a fun and deeply satisfying project. Now my music can also be downloaded to enjoy.

Valkyrie Album